Earth Skills

Earthskills Workshops: I have actively studied and taught earthskills for over 30 years specializing in edible and medicinal plants bringing in my love for the natural world. I am available for workshops, special parties and teaching events.  -Kerry Gayatri Fulford


Kerry of the Wild In addition to Herbal Healing Remedy Gathering, Kerry is also available for Earthskills workshops, special parties and teaching events.

Gift Certificates for Earth Medicine Gatherings
Why not give someone you love the unique gift of an Earth Medicine Gatherings Gift Certificate? These classes offer a great opportunity to learn about the healing qualities of herbs and how to make herbal salves and medicines from Kerry Fulford , a gifted Earth skills practitioner, herbalist and healer.

$150 for Groups of 5 People
$130 for Groups of 4 People
$100 for Groups of 3 People
The classes are taught by Kerry in the home and last from 3 to 4 hours. All herbal materials are included in the price.