Kerry Gayatri Fulford / Founder

logoI fell in Love with the ancient science of well being called Hatha Yoga in the 90’s when I was the manager of Athens first health food store, the Phoenix Market. I was fascinated, as I still am, in the subjects of prevention, maintenance, and transformation of the health issues in our daily lives. So when I was graciously introduced to this science and saw what a holistic life plan it offers, I decided to become a life time student and to share the healing if offers me with others.

I was lovingly and precisely taught at Satchidananda Ashram and am certified to teach all levels of asana, Pranayama, and meditation in this wonderful series of Integral Hatha Yoga. I have been an active teacher since 1995 and have staffed other teacher training programs at Yogaville.  Drawn to share this Yoga with people who have special needs, I also certified in the Yoga for the Special Child Program and spent four years apprenticing at a physical therapist office further learning how to apply Yoga as therapy for illness and injury and certified in offering Thai Yoga Massage.

This inspired me to begin my business Athens Yoga Therapeutics where I offer Thai Yoga Massage, private Yoga sessions, and Yoga as therapy. For the last few decades, I have also offered conscious private care giving where I apply the principals of Yoga to helping elders and folks with special needs to have good food, movement and loving, present company in their home or nursing home settings.

Driven by a powerful connection with the natural world that has been gifted to us as stewards, I have actively studied and taught earthskills for the last 30 years specializing in local edible and medicinal plants. I bring this love of nature into my classes along with a good dose of humility, humor and honor for what this friendship constantly offers me on my path.

– Kerry Gayatri Fulford

Kerry Gayatri Fulford

Thai Yoga Massage, Private Yoga Instruction, Therapy for Injury & Illness